we are.

Hello friend! I'm Kara, Owner+ Lead Floral Designer at Joyous Blooms. I am here to throw flower JOY everywhere. I LOVE flowers! They have always been meaningful in my life, from Granny's pretty roses, to my Mama's gardens, all the way to running around outside in my dandelion flower crown. 

I graduated from Southeastern Oklahoma State University in 2010 with a bachelors degree in Special Education. I began my professional floral career in 2011. I helped my parents open a full service floral business in Ardmore, OK and I fell in LOVE with floral design. My mother and I both received our Oklahoma Certified Florist pins in 2014. 

In 2015, my family relocated to just West of the OKC Metro.  I continued with my floral designs on the side, but never dreamed I'd have the opportunity to open my own business. However, I kept feeling the tug at my heart to jump in and spread the joy. So, through many, MANY prayers and the help of family and friends, Joyous Blooms was born. 

Getting to know me.


I love JESUS! I see God's love SO much in floral design. 

I believe I have been called to spread love through Floral Design.


I have been with my husband for my entire life. HA! Just kidding. Actually, since I was 16.  I have always and will always refer to him as Beane. He is, by far, my number one supporter! He is the calm to my crazy. We've been married 10+ years going on 55+. 

We have three high spirited little girls!

They are all three completely different and keep me on my toes.

I am a coffee addict. I basically drink a pot of coffee a day.

I'm pretty sure, "Mama's coffee" were the girls first words. 

I LOVE the Golden Girls.


I enjoy living simplistically.

I love growing gardens, canning, sewing, and cooking supper for the crew.

I try to always break awkward silence and bring a

little laughter everywhere I go. 

Spreading JOY.

I believe music heals the soul. I love all genres. I have playlists for every mood you can imagine. The girls and I have a daily dance party in the kitchen while I'm cooking dinner.

So, if you love everything in floral print, record Antique's Roadshow on your dvr, listen to your music way too loud, and prefer to be laying outside, then you and I may be singing

"Thank You For Being a Friend" very soon.


At Joyous Blooms, our hope is to

bring joy to your event.

We want our designs to represent you.

We love to bring your vision to life.

We enjoy all design styles, From lush and classic, to loose and organic, and everything in between.

No one way or hit the highway.

You are who we aim to please.