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Hold up....

Hold up, hey. For my momma's who be actin' too bold Take a seat.

Hope you ready for the next episode— Hey, hey, hey, hey

Drink coffee everyday.

- My edits to the lyrics of The Next Episode by the infamous Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg

For all of you thinking this chick is holier than thou, some kind of super mom, or any other pedestal you might have me on, let me go ahead and nip that sh*t in the bud now. Below is an image that accurately displays me on a daily basis. Brace yourselves! It's raw. 🤣

Yes, I went out in public looking like this.

My poor kids.

This is a genuine image I snapped after taking my kids to school. I overslept. I rolled out in pajama pants, coffee in hand, no bra, and well you can see my hair. Not only did I go through the car line looking like I had been on a binger the night before, but I also acted like it was normal. I waved and smiled as I always do acting like nothing was off. 🤣🤣


My poor kids.

There is always a flip side to the crazy. Not only did my kids make it to school on time, but they were fed, had on clean clothes, and were in excited moods to start their day.

Wore my jacked inside out for an entire day without anyone telling me.

SEE! I don't have it all together. I don't try to pretend I do. I am not by any means perfect. I'm absolutely, completely 100% flawed.

My kids know every single curse word and it has nothing to do with those damn school kids.

My kids know many songs they shouldn't.

I've thrown up from too much alcohol.

I am quick to fight.

I have a sharp mouth.

I've hurt people I care about.

I have enemies.

I have many regrets.

And the list goes on

And on.

And on.

You have to get those good social media photos. You know the number of followers you have defines your worth. HAHAHA

So, you are right. I do talk about Jesus and my faith A LOT! Guess what? It's not because I think I am the perfect person. It's not because I think I am holier than thou. It's not because I think I represent my faith well. It's not to force my beliefs on anyone. It's not because I think I have it remotely together.

It's simply because I need the reassurance. I need the comfort knowing that I'm not a complete failure. I need the reminder that I am loved beyond all belief. It's how I find peace in this chaos we call life.

Everyday I wake up and I try. I try to be a light in this ugly world. I try to spread joy and laughter to everyone I meet. I try to show God's love as my faith commands me to do. I try to see the beauty in the small things. I try to be the best woman, wife, mother and entrepreneur I can be. I try to not let the horrible things on this earth get me down. I try to see the good in situations. I try to be open, raw and honest with you when it comes to my daily walk in life.

Point blank. I try!

"As long as you are trying your best, I will be proud of you."

-All Parents Ever

I know I am not perfect. I can now say I'm okay with that. It has taken me years to stop living up to the expectations of what I thought I should be as a woman, wife and mom. (I'm still working on my expectations of myself when it comes to the business.)

I hope you know that no one truly has it all together. We live in a world were people can literally put only their best sides up. They hide the rest behind all the locked closed doors. I prefer to open my doors and let you know that you are not alone in the chaos. You are not the only one who is barely treading above water. You are not the only woman who is crying because she feels like she is failing. You are not alone!

Until next time.

P.S. I for sure use to sing The Next Episode at the top of my lungs in middle school. La-da-da-da-dahh


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