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What's with your BLOG name?

Hi there. Welcome to this grammatically incorrect blog. 😉

My name is Kara and I am the owner+lead designer for Joyous Blooms. I have decided to be more intentional with my website and have a blog for you to get to know not only my floral work but also me!

I wanted my blog to be more personal and not strictly work related. My business is ME. That includes beautiful Blooms, my three girlies aka. my Babies and my husband who I lovingly refer to as Beane.

Flowers were not what I dreamed I'd be doing when I grew up. My life is nothing like what I thought. (cue every adult ever) During my tween years, I had plans to either be a background dancer on Broadway or for a major singer. Why background you ask? Because, I knew I couldn't sing a lick but I could lip sync and blend in the back. If I couldn't make it being a background dancer, then I wanted to design and sew costumes for Broadway. I loved sketching clothing in my Lisa Frank notebook.

Gardening with my Momma. Circa 1990 something

I thought it would be so cool to graduate from school. Move off to a big city. Become the most independent and successful woman ever. I would not marry some dude from high school. I was not going to have kids until I was about 30. I was going to wear heels and fabulous clothing every single day.

Flash forward 20 something years and none of those things came to fruition. Big Shock!

The truth is, my life is greater than I could have ever planned as a 12 year old little girl.

I'm thankful God had a bigger plan for me.

Until next time.

xo -Kara

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