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hey ya'll

That's right I say ya'll.

I promise when we meet, you'll never forget my Southern twang. It's my odd flex in life.

That's me, Kara, waving to you through the world wide web.

I am the owner and principal designer for Joyous Blooms. 

I am here to throw flower joy everywhere. From intimate elopements, to grand weddings, and everything in between,

I want to be the one bringing your floral dreams to life!

floral journey

My flower journey has been an ever going adventure. Beginning with the early elementary years of designing dandelion crowns in cow pastures, to establishing a brick and mortar shop with my parents in Ardmore, OK, and to the present day of running my own Floral Design Business from my home studio near the OKC Metro.

My education in the flower world stems (pun intended) from fellow florists, books, hands on experience, floral design classes and even getting my Oklahoma Certified Florist Pin in 2014.

I have been flowering for well over a decade now. I have designed enough weddings through the years to see trends come and go and then come back again! This industry is constantly changing and moving keeping my creative heart beaming. 

I feel that I have been called to spread love through flowers. I know it sounds corny, but who doesn't like popcorn?!? I believe God wants me to show love to ALL through the art of floral design. I want every client that I work with to feel the love and joy I have in my heart. I want you to walk away from our journey together singing "Thank you for being a friend."


getting to know me...


I am married to my total opposite.

I have always and will always refer to him as Beane.

We have three high spirited little girls that keep us on our toes.

Coffee and Herbal Teas are my jam.

I LOVE the Golden Girls.


I enjoy living simply.

I tend to always break awkward silence and bring a little laughter everywhere I go.

I believe music heals the soul. I love all genres. I have playlists for every mood you can imagine. The girls and I have a daily dance party in the kitchen while I'm cooking dinner.


Spreading Joy one
Bloom at aTime.


The Golden Girls


Coffee+ Herbal Teas


Cheese Fries + Guacamole



quick recap

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